The Rose

“When you find yourself in the middle of a challenge, take the R🌹SE and place it between yourself and the challenge, then focus on L🌹VE. Do this for a while, and you’ll feel that the intensity of the discomfort you were experiencing has dropped dramatically…and finally the challenge has vanished, leaving only a situation you’re … Continue reading The Rose

Grace and Sovereignty

We all can benefit when we allow the Self to enhance the qualities of GRACE & SOVEREIGNTY. So, when times are shaking, & distracting, let us swim deep inside our Centre, and ignite our Beingness with these 2 Powers!🔥 ~ Raleiah #neurocreativelife #grace #sovereignty #neurographikspezialist #neurographicart #neurograce #neurosovereignty #neurographica #colouryourlife #rewireyourbrain #drawingmylife #centering #gratitude #namaste … Continue reading Grace and Sovereignty

Vivre c’est se decouvrir

“Quand tu apprends que le ressentiment est tout simplement un coté de la medaille,tu la retourneset de l’autre coté tu y découvres…Le SENTIMENT…Le « JE SUIS AMOUR »… Il ne te reste que de le laisser GRANDIR, encore et encore, pour que ce SENTIMENT remplisse la place de l’ancienne lutte qui n’a plus raison d’être. … Continue reading Vivre c’est se decouvrir

A Walk of Wonders ~ Walking Life’s Magic

Here I am, Having a break from the daily familiar occupations. I close the door of my safe heaven, & I shift in an altered state of awareness. I’m aware of each step on the icy snow, cautiously moving my feet one in front of the other one, One, two, three, four, & on, & … Continue reading A Walk of Wonders ~ Walking Life’s Magic