Grace and Sovereignty

We all can benefit when we allow the Self to enhance the qualities of GRACE & SOVEREIGNTY. So, when times are shaking, & distracting, let us swim deep inside our Centre, and ignite our Beingness with these 2 Powers!🔥 ~ Raleiah #neurocreativelife #grace #sovereignty #neurographikspezialist #neurographicart #neurograce #neurosovereignty #neurographica #colouryourlife #rewireyourbrain #drawingmylife #centering #gratitude #namaste … Continue reading Grace and Sovereignty

The (big) Awakening

by Raleiah “Still supine between the sheets that smell of ancient and anachronistic stillness,suddenly I feel the caress of the sparkling rays of light of the new day,that with sweet insistence pinch my cheeks and inebriate my sight. After rinsing away the last remnants of collective sleepinessand the feeling of having lived so long in … Continue reading The (big) Awakening

A Walk of Wonders ~ Walking Life’s Magic

Here I am, Having a break from the daily familiar occupations. I close the door of my safe heaven, & I shift in an altered state of awareness. I’m aware of each step on the icy snow, cautiously moving my feet one in front of the other one, One, two, three, four, & on, & … Continue reading A Walk of Wonders ~ Walking Life’s Magic