A Walk of Wonders ~ Walking Life’s Magic

Here I am,

Having a break from the daily familiar occupations.

I close the door of my safe heaven,

& I shift in an altered state of awareness.

I’m aware of each step on the icy snow,

cautiously moving my feet one in front of the other one,

One, two, three, four, & on, & on…

I welcome the songs of the blackbirds, the sparrows, the magpies, & the crows.

They create the perfect symphony during this greyish winterly day.

I feel our beloved Mother Gaia’s heart beat reaching me smoothly through my feet the moment I enter the Forest’s portal.

I see signs of Joy, Lightheartedness, & Love in the pure blanket covering the soil like a mother does with her baby.

I hug a tree, & I instantly feel connected with so many other trees in so many different places on Mother Earth.

I can “see & walk through” the Woods of the Amazon, Avalon, Atlantis, Sequoia National Park, Banff & Jasper National Parks, Africa, Bali, Hawaii, & so many more in this, & other dimensions.

Being able to use this WWW (World Wood Web) is like using a communication app without modern technology.

The only device needed is the personal, natural, & innate “inner antenna”.

Everything is so quiet while I’m connected to the WWW,

I only “hear” through my heart,

Love waves of so many kinds.

Suddenly I hear the sound of foot steps, & walking sticks.A couple of humans is approaching.

The unconventional, & absolutely lovable conversation within Nature Spirits I’m enjoying suddenly comes to an end.

I observe these majestic trees all around me,

Some have lost their apex, some many branches, some are laying on the floor down casted by the last powerful storm a few weeks ago.

And even though they are not standing up right anymore,

I can feel the Love flowing from one to the next transmitted through the perfect, & unbreakable connection between all the trees of this Forest.

Even down, everyone is a part of the whole, & always lovable!

Maybe that‘s why I see so many hearts imprinted in the texture of their bark.

I bless the trees, & I feel my heart filled with gratitude.

I leave the Woods with so much more Love inside.

A last sign in the sky:

The buzzard flying right above me,

tells me that I am completely protected, & that I can be trustful while I continue to walk on my Life’s path,

One step after the other,

One, two, three, four, & on, & on…

Oh, how much I love being alive in this unpredictable dimension…

(By Raleiah ~ Sara, February 2021)

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