The (big) Awakening

by Raleiah “Still supine between the sheets that smell of ancient and anachronistic stillness,suddenly I feel the caress of the sparkling rays of light of the new day,that with sweet insistence pinch my cheeks and inebriate my sight. After rinsing away the last remnants of collective sleepinessand the feeling of having lived so long in … Continue reading The (big) Awakening

Vivre c’est se decouvrir

“Quand tu apprends que le ressentiment est tout simplement un coté de la medaille,tu la retourneset de l’autre coté tu y découvres…Le SENTIMENT…Le « JE SUIS AMOUR »… Il ne te reste que de le laisser GRANDIR, encore et encore, pour que ce SENTIMENT remplisse la place de l’ancienne lutte qui n’a plus raison d’être. … Continue reading Vivre c’est se decouvrir

The Light is BRIGHT – Energy update

Energy update 1-10APR’21 We’re in the middle of a massive Flow of Light which is offering the next upgrade of our Ascension toward Oneness.You could feel “floating in the air”, uneasy, very tired, “messed up”, and that you “cannot function the way you were functioning a few hours before”, this because you’re experiencing a shift … Continue reading The Light is BRIGHT – Energy update