The (big) Awakening

by Raleiah

“Still supine between the sheets that smell of ancient and anachronistic stillness,
suddenly I feel the caress of the sparkling rays of light of the new day,
that with sweet insistence pinch my cheeks and inebriate my sight.

After rinsing away the last remnants of collective sleepiness
and the feeling of having lived so long in the oblivion of a dark though golden cage,
I dress by choosing clothes with exuberant care that reveal my new and radiant state of mind.

Step by step, I realize my feet are leading me on a bright path,
that I recognize I have already dreamed rhythmically and countless times.

My heart bursts with joy in gathering with so many enthusiastic presences
on the great forum, where all our goals become ONE.

Together we walk,
together we talk,
together we listen to each other,
together we sing,
together we support each other,
together we urge,
together we breathe,
together we live,
and in unison we give birth to the new reality of a World of Unity,
Love and Synarchy.

Light and love expand more and more,
filling every fraction of what used to be the territory of control,
of supremacy and desolation.
The obsolete and dark old world continues to run out and self-destruct while from its ashes the Phoenix is already REBORN!

Each of us is SOVEREIGN in the new World.
Each of us knows that what happens to the other,
happens to the self too,
for in this World of loving wholeness, peace, joy and prosperity
WE are all and all ONE.

Love and blessings to all and all of us.”
Raleiah ~ Sara

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