The Light is BRIGHT – Energy update

Energy update 1-10APR’21

We’re in the middle of a massive Flow of Light which is offering the next upgrade of our Ascension toward Oneness.You could feel “floating in the air”, uneasy, very tired, “messed up”, and that you “cannot function the way you were functioning a few hours before”, this because you’re experiencing a shift into a NEW Plane of the new Paradigm, a new State of beingness, a new Life’s frequency, a new dimension.
Therefore I suggest you to keep in mind to:

  • stay really grounded (take good care of your roots in Mother Earth, you need her nourishment, & strength even more now), 
  • drink a lot of water, eat healthy Veggies, go walking/playing/staying into Mother Nature, look at pictures of her if you do not have the possibility to be in Nature in person, stay connected with her in any way your creativity allows it.
  • stay in the Present Moment (time seems to be inconsistent or to pass too quickly, & a bit  messed up right now), 
  • keep your focus on the direction/the Path you’re walking, & keep your frequency high (the shadow is offering countless of informations, & situations in order to distract who’s already awaken to keep her/his attention on the Light)
  • allow this Upgrade to be done (you’re here to ASCEND, you’re already awaken, & there is absolutely NOTHING which can stop ASCENSION to occur… and you’re a part of IT!)
  • Be sure that you’re not alone in this, there are already many awakened beings (you are one of them), who are going to be supportive for the ones awakening now, & in the next days, weeks, months, years… and they will need our support, oh my they will! The Light is so bright, & strong now (& it is increasing) that they wake up in an instant, & they can feel completely lost…
  • For the moment, in the middle of this River of intense Light, take good care of yourself first, you are most important, & your “feeling balanced” is most needed.
  • Watching the drawing in the picture above, can help you to feel lighter during this transitional time we’re all experiencing.

You are an amazing Spark of Light yourself!Shine bright, beautiful Soul☀️
With Love from me to you🌸

~ Raleiah

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