Facebook is watching us (maybe) or What do I really decide to create?

Lately I’ve received a mail offering an amusing suggestion on the fact that facebook’s profile is maybe regularly checked by some “others”…

 I agree with this idea  that maybe fb profiles are being checked  but don’t you think that by posting anything we already give “them” too much energy?


It is a sort of game we would play together…
The moment you put attention on something and you decide to react, you offer your energy to it!


On the contrary, if you’ve decided to create something different from what “the other” is showing (and you decide not to “play the game” of reacting) you will really have the chance to use all your energy for something else.


 So, I personally choose not to do what it was suggested because for me what they do or the do not, is not important!… because what I’ve chosen to create is absolutely different.


I do not give any attention to that… it is “like if” what they do does not exist in my reality…


Actually what they do is only real in THEIR reality (it is their choice), not in mine!


I have chosen to create another reality, and in order to make it real I know that I have to put ALL my Energy into/onto what is required to manifest my Vision… the moment I begin to give some energy to someone else’s creation (for example checking out fb, etc…) I do not have ALL the Energy required to Create MY Vision/Reality.


The moment I say “Oh, this is not ok/unfair/hard for me… She/he is bad/unfair to me… They are doing this/that to me and I suffer because it is unfair…” I’m putting my attention on these things, and I’m offering some of my Energy to them (he, she &/or the other situations).


I’m volountarily OFFERING my Energy to someone else… this Energy is added to the other person’s energy… he/she will use this energy to create his/her Vision…


When I’m putting my attention on something different than my Vision I’m actually helping the other person to manifest his/her Dream!


Waaawww, this is an interesting Revelation, isn’t it?


So, let’s all focus on “What I really want to create” and don’t be destracted by what isn’t of any interest in “My Vision”.



Sending you all much Love, Light & Blessings


In Oneness

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