Experiencing transformation – Some thoughts on the European situation

The facts.

 . Yesterday was a special day for Greece: the representative of a few EU countries were deciding if they were going to lend a huge amount of money to Greece in exchange of some strict conditions (among other things selling their national industries to privatize them, and to resolve the big problem of corruption) in order to save this country from bankruptcy.

 . I come to Greece regularly since 26 years and I really love this country.

I had the chance to meet many interesting people here, some of them are Greek, some are from other countries; some are living here and are from here, some moved here from abroad because they found that this country was the right place for their life & development; some of them became friends and it’s a pleasure and a honor the share their & my Being-ness .

  1.  When I say (and write) I love this country, I really mean that…

It is interesting to observe that so many people still have problems with this word, I mean with the meaning of it … many people have much difficulties to show this simple, pure & powerful feeling which exists everywhere in the Universe (I’ve also learned to be at ease with this, and it has been an interesting learning process)… if you really think at this, it is so strange because the word Love is a human expression of the most Creative Universal Energy existing everywhere, maybe the only creative one (this is a subject to really ponder on, & for many discussions)…

   2. I had the chance to travel & visit some beautiful places all around our beloved Planet… some are in pure Nature… some others are interesting cities.

Because I’m of a natural curious nature, I love (yes, I’ve discovered that I really love to do so) to learn more about Nature, human nature, anthropology, biology, history, arts, cultures, etc…, I normally visit museums where all the visitors can learn more about these many subjects.

What was so surprising, when I was visiting these museums is, that many of the archeological recoveries (maybe most of the best pieces and more valuable ones on an archeological / economic point of view… how can we give an economic worth to History & Human Heritage?… this is another subject of discussion…) found in Greece, Egypt, Italy, Africa, South America, etc…, were shown in Museums in cities like London, Paris, Berlin, New York, Los Angeles, only to mention a few, and not in the cities of the original findings.

There are many reasons for that and not every reason is completely positive or negative… they certainly are old and not respecting the New Paradigm we’re beginning to create… I’m not here to judge nor to criticize or blame anyone.

  3. I was also surprised to discover graves & sepulchres, metopes & altars of temples, sacred sculptures & objects, and mommies in these Museums…

 Imagine this:

In some 3.000 to 5.000 years an archeological team will arrive on the land where your city/village used to rise… they begin to dig and they find some interesting pieces of houses, streets, gravestones, statues, altars, precious & sacred objects… obviously they continue to dig, to collect, to class & label every piece they find, including bones and personal objects which were buried with the dead people during their last ceremony…

This is also applied for the findings of churches, mosques, temples & sacred places in Nature were people used to gather to spend spiritual & sacred moments…

They will send all these findings, maybe your remains, your parent’s & you’re grand-parents, your friends and relatives’ relics to the place which is financing their expedition, very far away from the archeological site…

 How do you feel, thinking about this possibility?

Do you feel unconfortable or a lack of respect toward the sacredness of what your life was about, although it would happen many years after your death, and a kind of invasion of your private sphere?

Another point for developing some interesting discussions, isn’t it?

   4. I know that for some people, this is of no interest, meaning that a tomb is only dwelling the remains of the physical body of someone, and that the spiritual body, the Soul is immortal & free somewhere in another expression of herself.

Yes, this is correct, and because we’re spiritual beings making a physical experience, and we’re living in a physical body and on a physical world where the laws that exist are based on physical human needs & deeds, it is ok to react as a human being when confronted with these informations… being emotional is ok… we are all living in this Reality, a physical one.

 So, coming back to the current Greek situation:

  5. Last week we were having a nice family chat after a delicious dinner at my parent’s house here in Peloponneso, and my father pointed out an interesting idea.

He spoke like this: “Considering that so many Greek archeological findings are exposed in European museums, that the entry tickets of these museums are charged with a tax and that the interests nowadays are at 6%, it would be adequate for Europe to collect the money of these taxes + the interests (calculated from the time when every finding left the Greek soil till now) and to give all that money BACK to the Greek government… This would be the right bill to pay, like a rent, for all these art & archeological treasures they’ve kept and used for so many years without giving nothing in exchange.”

 Waawww, this is interesting, isn’t it?

   6. This would also give Greece the chance to keep its national industries, companies, administrations, etc…, and not selling them to foreign companies because no one in Greece can afford to buy anything so expensive (remember, there is NO money left here, only a big hole in the national wallet)… and this would avoid a modern type of land conquest (it already happened many times in Greece) and any attempt to globalization.

  7. This would also show maturity, gratefulness, support, co-operation, justice, and Love.

This would show that humanity is really beginning to “grow” and to show the first steps toward the co-creation of a New World, a World of Oneness.

This situation would be like a Milestone in the History of Humanity.

  8. Of course, Greece has to improve her way of leading the country, and this would be her part in the co-creation of something New:

. She has to clear corruption and replace this practice with honesty, collaboration, support, goodwill & transparency in every transaction & relationship (with every single citizen & with every other country)

 . As the re-birth of the Phoenix, clear & burn the Old (really let GO of everything which is NOT working anymore, which is trying to stop and not supporting the Present Life, Evolution, Creation… everything is Movement, Life is Movement… it’s time to “stop trying to stop Life”), arise from the Ashes (Wisdom = Knowledge + Experience) as a Total New Complete Being, a wonderful country conducted with New Holistic & co-operative ideals.

 . Other suggestions?

  9. It is interesting to point out that, this could be a starting point for a brand New synergy between all countries on Earth.

Greece could be an example to follow for all other countries.

We always need someone to imitate in order to change, so let’s imagine that this Change is already happening and support it by having Faith that this is absolutely possible and real!

  10. Greece is the first EU country collapsing, but there are many more on the borderline and ready to jump into the crisis… are we ready to see the whole picture, to really watch at it in a neutral way and to see what happened to our worldwide society?

Are we finally ready to learn the lessons of what we’ve created till now, and DECIDE to CHANGE?

  11. As a human being ( a spiritual being having a human experience) I KNOW that I am a part of the Whole, that I am YOU, that YOU are ME, and that We’re all ONE.

 . This  means that when someone else is suffering, I’m also suffering because I’m living/experiencing the consequences of her/his sufferings (most of the time I’m not aware of that because I’ve chosen to NOT be aware of that… the ego will always develop strategies in order to avoid what for him is nonsense & suffering, doesn’t it?).

 . When someone is happy and feels complete because she/he realizes her/his desires, I’m also influenced by its consequences, in a positive way, maybe by enhancing my heart’s desire to spread my loving Energy and Being-ness all around in much creative ways.

  12. We are all connected, we are all ONE and offering Respect, Support, Gratitude & Love to “anyone and everywhere” is influencing everyone’s Life.

I personally think that this IS the way to ACT from NOW ON.

We are all invited to support Greece, Europe, the entire Planet, Mother Earth because in doing so we are all supporting the Self… the MySelf… and the EveryoneSelf…

Greece, I Love you!

World, I Love you!

Humanity, I Love you!

Universe, I Love you!

Yes, I really do!

  13. Do not be shy to show that you care for someone else or for something!

. Stop being afraid that you will be misunderstood, judged, befooled, dismissed, abandoned.

. Stop thinking that you do not have enough                                                              Enough of what?… this is anyway only an illusion…

. Show all the Love you have in your Heart to anyone (“Your eyes are really beautiful!”, “I like the postcard you’ve sent me from your holidays, did you visit something special?”, “What a marvelous necklace you wear today!”, “I appreciate your help in that special occasion, I really didn’t know what to do, thank you.”, “I would like to show you something I really like because I really appreciate you.”, and the good old “I love you” is always cherished, etc…), it is so EASY.

.Be Grateful for everything you have done, created, experienced, learned & for everyone you’ve met till now and for all the places you’ve visited (for real and in your dreams & fantasies)…

.Bless all the heavy situations, people, thoughts, experiences, bills, etc…, although they seemed difficult on the moment, all these where occasions for you to grow, to experience who you really are and they’ve contributed to aknowledge the One special Being you are in this precise moment.

. The more Gratefulness you show in your Life, the more your Life will offer you opportunity to discover who you are, what you really can create and to Live!


  14. A yellow Butterfly is visiting me right now while I’m writing these thoughts on a balcony in Greece… she’s circling around me 1, 2, 3 times…

What a marvelous symbol of TRANSFORMATION!

Transformation is available to anyone today.

It’s only a matter of Choosing it or not.


Wishing you all a splendid Transformation time (remember, you choose if & how to transform, nobody else can do it at your place).

Sending you much Love, Light & Blessings.

In Oneness

Sara – Raleiah

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