Mother Comet & Oneness

Message of the Mother Comet:
“Although most of the time I AM “just a rock”, real MAGIC happens when I approach the center of your Solar system.

When I fly closer to the Sun, a glowing tail appears shining, & growing longer and thicker.
If you choose to look at me with your heart wide open, you‘ll even see my second tail.

Both of my tails grow and become brighter, & stronger the more I get closer to the Light, & the warmth of the Sun.

Magic happens while all the fragments interact, & become intertwined till they “give birth” to these new limbs, my tails.

Do you really think this would be possible without cohesion, coherence, & collaboration between all the elements which are the Colony called Comet?

All my parts CREATE this MAGIC when ALL of them ARE in SYNERGY, and ALLOW the LIGHT, the LOVE, & the frequency of ONENESS of Father SUN to interact with all of them.

No one ingredient is the only ignitor, nor the fuel for all the others!

They all ARE!

The process of my BIRTH is possible thanks to Synarchy & Oneness.”

I AM Mother Comet, by Raleiah

** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

Do you know how Comets are born?

-The main block called the Nucleus, made of many different ingredients, is the solid, & frozen part flying through the space in the form of a big rounded rock.

-The closer its orbit comes to the sun, the greater the interaction between all the different particles in the Nucleus.

-This interaction creates the “tail” (there are actually 2 tails, 1 made of dust, the other made of gas-ions).

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